Our 2013 Wedding Photographer of the year: BROVADO Weddings!

Minneapolis wedding photographer Preston Palmer of BROVADO Weddings has been catching our eye for quite some time now. Palmer’s ability to capture beautiful wedding photography, while engaging in the overall experience of his clients’ wedding days has earned him our title of Minnesota Wedding Photographer of the Year!

Palmer’s wedding photos have received major recognition throughout the wedding world. Not only has he been published in several issues of Minnesota Bride Magazine, he was also awarded Vendor of the Year for wedding photography by Mpls/St. Paul Weddings Magazine.

MN Award Winning Wedding Photography

But compelling photos are just the tip of the iceberg for this wedding photographer. A look at the number of positive reviews on BROVADO’s Website and throughout the Internet world makes us think Palmer doesn’t just take photos… he might also be a superhero.

One bride recalled, “We got married in January in Minnesota, and Preston came to the wedding more prepared than anyone in our wedding party. He had hand warmers, wool socks and everything we could need to be comfortable in the cold weather. He totally saved the day!”

Palmer has been known to come to the rescue on more than one occasion; like the time he bought umbrellas at the last minute for an entire wedding party and all the wedding guests when rain unexpectedly hit an outdoor ceremony.  What’s more, the sea of open umbrellas made for some surprisingly beautiful and unique ceremony photos.

Idaho Wedding Photography 

Fun MN wedding party photography

What sets Palmer apart as a wedding photographer is that he sees himself as more than that.

“I don’t have clients,” he says, “I have friends. Everyone I work with is far more than a client to me.”

Palmer began his career in photography as a hobby when he travelled overseas and became interested in photojournalism. In 2006, he settled in Minneapolis where he put his interest and talents toward creating a successful wedding photography company.

“Stopping instances in time, and having the ability to share rare and beautiful human emotions became the driving force and passion that launched me into full time wedding photography,” Palmer says.

Beautiful Minnesota wedding bridal photography

Over the last 7 years, BROVADO has grown into one of the leading wedding photography companies in Minnesota. Palmer has even started BROVADO Education, a professional consulting firm, to assist other photographers in growing their businesses.

If you aren’t convinced Palmer is a superhero yet, get a load of this…. he can fly! That’s right, Palmer is also a certified pilot with his own airplanes, making him available for weddings all over the Midwest. (It’s also rumored that he offers plane rides to his clients!)

“We were blown away by his photos,” says a former client. “So much so that we knew we had to fly him [in his own plane] to Nebraska for our wedding day!”

Palmer’s style is unique and stunning. He specializes in wide-angle outdoor shots with dramatic imagery, using his background in international photojournalism to capture the most precious moments.

Duluth MN wedding photography

“My aim is to give clients works of art they can hang on their walls as huge canvas prints, not just your typical wedding photos,” says Palmer.

His package options include elegant wedding albums with full-page photo spreads, and a full day’s worth of photojournalistic style pictures that capture the feel of the wedding day from beginning to end.

He’s a man of the people, he’s got a knack for capturing amazing wedding images and to top it off he can fly! If we could give him Superhero of the Year award, we would. But for now, we congratulate Preston Palmer of BROVADO Weddings for earning our title of 2013 Minnesota Wedding Photographer of the Year!



“People often get the DVD of their wedding images and never order a single print. They never make anything tangible that other people can see. We are all trained as consumers that the DVD with reprint right is what we want, and what we MUST have.  In reality, this is not the best.  What you want is beautiful art.  You want your wedding day told as a beautiful story. Something that people can feel and see.”

Contact Preston Palmer and BROVADO Weddings at [email protected].